We, Multimedia Infosystems Lab (Fukumizu Lab) in Ritsumeikan, are researching advanced and intelligent information processing systems including machine learning as well as signal processing systems based on multimedia technology with the aim of contributing to a safe and secure society.

Expert Testimony on Image

Prof. Fukumizu gives an expert testimony on trial with identifying the difference between a criminal and a suspect by image analysis, estimating the size of a subject by image measurement, and analyze the shape of a subject by image analysis.

Application for Safety and Security

We are researching technologies such as skeletal estimation, posture estimation, behavior identification, and gait recognition for application to security cameras and surveillance cameras.

Application for Auto-Driving

We are researching technologies for spatial reconstruction around vehicles based on deep learning techniques, recognition of traffic environments, and detection of road conditions.

Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis

Based on machine learning and signal processing technologies, we are researching diagnostic aid technologies such as detection of signs of circulatory system diseases and detection of lesion areas in X-ray images.

Application on Augment Reality

We are researching technologies that connect the real world and the metaverse (virtual world). We are also developing technologies related to new two-dimensional codes.

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Associate Professor, Yohei Fukumizu, Ph.D.

On March 2007, Prof. Fukumizu obtained a Ph.D after postgraduate years at Kobe University. After he worked in Tokyo Inst Tech as Solution Researcher, he has been working in Ritsumeikan University since 2008. His research interest include signal processing such as machine learning, image processing, and so on. He is a member of IEEE, IEICE, IEEJ, IIEEJ,ITE-J, RISP, and JAFST. He is a chair of intelligent watching camera research technical committee in JNIAA.

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