In collaboration with Professor Emeritus Yamauchi of the University of Tokyo, we are conducting image analysis to identify the suspect recorded near the crime scene by a security camera and the suspect suspected by the police during an investigation, in other words, to determine whether or not they are the same person. We also perform image analysis to clarify, measure, and analyze the size and shape of people, cars, and other objects recorded on security camera images. We are requested not only by the Metropolitan Police Department, Osaka Prefectural Police, and other prefectural police departments, but also by prosecutors and attorneys. In the case of image analysis, we also respond to public trials.

Similarly, image analysis can be used to analyze the size, shape, speed, and direction of movement of objects in security camera images.

Note that some video sources may not allow for adequate analysis. In addition, field surveys are often required for image measurement. For details, contact to Prof. Fukumizu (

Clarify image #1 (Original)
Clarify image #1 (Result)
Clarify image #2 (Original)
Clarify image #2 (Result)
Clarify image #2 (iPhone app implementation)